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What is the official language of the UK?


Which monarch’s reign is the longest ever?

Queen Elizabeth II

Where is the monarch crowned?

Westminster Abbey

Who is not allowed to enter the House of Commons when the opening of new Parliament takes place?

The Queen

Where does the opening of the new Parliament take place?

In the House of Lords

Which dynasty did Elizabeth I belong to?

The Tudors

What is the capital of Wales?


Who gave the name “Britain” to the country?

The Romans

Who is considered the first Prime Minister of Britain?

Robert Walpole

Why did king Edward VIII abdicate in favourf his younger brother?   

because he wanted to marry a divorced woman

Which part of England is called “Little Holland” or “The Parts of Holland”?

East Anglia

What are the oldest political parties in the UK?

Conservative (Tory) and Liberal in 17th century

Who is called “the Baby of the House” in the House of Lords?

The youngest member of the House

Who are the children of Queen Elizabeth II in order of their birth?

Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward

What is Hastings famous for?

For the battle between William the Conqueror and Anglo-Saxon king Harold II when the Normans conquered England

Under which monarch did England and Scotland unite in 1707?

Queen Anne

Who was the last British monarch killed while being king or queen?

Charles I was executed by Parliament in 1649 following the Civil War.

Where are the British monarchs usually crowned?

Westminster Abbey

Who was the first queen of England in its history?

Mary I, also called Mary Tudor

How many wives did Henry VIII execute?

Two  out of  six

Who introduced the Union Jack?

James I

James VI of Scotland had inherited the English and Irish thrones in 1603 as James I, thereby uniting the crowns of England, Scotland, and Ireland in a personal union,  although the three kingdoms remained separate states. On 12 April 1606, a new flag to represent this regal union between England and Scotland was specified in a royal decree

What is the longest river in Scotland?

The Tay

Which accent of English is usually taught to foreigners?

Southern English

From which group of invaders did England get its name?

The Angles

When does Trooping the Colour usually take place?

Trooping the Colour: traditional observance of the British monarch’s official birthday with a military ceremony and parade in London. On a Saturday in June

When is the British monarch’s official birthday celebrated?

On a Saturday in June

Why do British monarchs have two birthdays?

The British monarch’s official birthday is not held on the same day each year, but instead is observed on a Saturday in June, usually the first or second weekend of the month. So why the moveable feast? Mostly because of the weather. The sovereign’s official birthday involves a lot of outdoor activities

Where and when does Changing of the Guard take place?

At Buckingham Palace Changing the Guard is scheduled to take place daily between April and July and on alternate dates for the remainder of the year

Which street in London symbolizes the Civil Service?


Which is the most densely-populated region of England?

The Southeast

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