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Who was Elizabeth I’s mother?

Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s 2nd wife

Which dynasty was founded by William the Conqueror?

The House of Normandy (1066)

Which dynasties fought for the throne in the Wars of the Roses?

The House of York and the House of Lancaster (began in 1455)

What were the symbols of the fighting parties in the Wars of the Roses?

The House of York – white rose, the House of Lancaster – red rose

Which dynasty began to rule after the Wars of the Roses?

The Tudors (1485)

Which animals are represented in the British Coat-of-Arms?

A lion and a unicorn

Who was the last Welsh King in the 13th century?

Llewelyn the Great (the Last)

Which city in England is twinned to Minsk?


Who is Queen Elizabeth II’s husband?

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

How long and when did Queen Victoria reign?

1837-1901, 63 years

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