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What is the official title of the Queen’s husband?

Duke of Edinburgh

What is the address of the Prime Minister?

10 Downing Street in London

What is the highest peak in the British Isles?

Ben Nevis in the Highlands

How often does the General Election usually take place?

Every 5 years

When were diplomatic relations between the UK and Belarus established?

27 January 1992.

What is the largest lake in the UK and where is it?

Loch Lomond in Scotland

How did people call Margaret Thatcher?

Iron Lady

How is sometimes the Conservative Party called?

The Tory Party

What city is often referred to as ‘The Athens of the North’?


What is Britain’s oldest recorded city?


What is the national flower of Northern Ireland?

the Shamrock

What is the difference between “Magna Carta” and “the Great Charter”?


Why are policemen in Britain called ‘bobby’?

A regular police force was established by Robert Peel. Bobby is short for Robert

Who was “Bloody Mary”?

Queen Mary Tudor who persecuted Protestants

How do they call the minister who is responsible for financial issues?

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Which part of England is called “the Black Country”?

Industrial region round Birmingham

Where is Hadrian Wall?

On the border between England and Scotland. It was built by the Romans according to the order of Emperor Hadrian

How many children did Queen Victoria have?


What is the official title of HRH Prince William of Wales?

the Duke of Cambridge

Where is the Clyde?

a river in Scotland

When did Elizabeth II become the Queen?


Which part of the UK is not represented in the Union Jack?


How many Prime Ministers has the Queen’s reign see?


How many countries does the Commonwealth of Nations comprise?

53 member states in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania

Which English king was named the Lion Heart?

Richard I

How was Elizabeth I sometimes called?

The Virgin Queen and Good Queen Bess

How many wives did Henry VIII execute?

Two  out of  six

How many grandchildren does the Queen have?


Which part of the UK has the de jure official language?

Wales, the Welsh language

Which part of the UK is known as Ulster?

Northern Ireland

Who are descendants of the Celts in the UK?

The Scots, the Welsh, the Irish

Who were the parents of Elizabeth I?

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Which town is considered the religious capital of England?


A red dragon is the symbol of which country?


Why do British monarchs have two birthdays?

The British monarch’s official birthday is not held on the same day each year, but instead is observed on a Saturday in June, usually the first or second weekend of the month. So why the moveable feast? Mostly because of the weather. The sovereign’s official birthday involves a lot of outdoor activities

When was Queen Elizabeth II born?

21 April 1926

Who were the last invaders of England?

The Normans

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