1. What’s ______ name?


2. My roommate ___ French.


3. _____ do you live?


4. ___ Karl often call you?


5. _____ some juice in the bottle.


6. Mr. Hugh was a ______ man.


7. ____ your parents live in a small village?


8. My neighbor is _____ honest man.


9. There isn’t ___ milk left in the jug.


10. I lost my book. I need a new ______.


11. She celebrates her birthday on the ______ of July every year.


12. The students ________ very happy yesterday.


13. The month of June is ___ than May in Gulf.


14. Julia _______ come to the college yesterday because she was sick.


15. The cars _______ for the green signal at the moment.


16. Anna _______ to the airport tomorrow because her husband is coming.


17. They _____ knew about our breakup.


18. This is ___________ film, I’ve ever watched.


19. I have to leave now. I’ve just ______ an emergency call from the hospital.


20. “Shukriya” what is it? I’ve ____ heard this word before.


21. Is he _______ away for three days?


22. What _____ you like to have? Chicken soup or vegetable soup?


23. You are coming to my birthday. _____ you?


24. I _______ an interesting book nowadays.


25. Are you _____ to visit Japan next month?


26. I don’t like mushrooms. Me ______.


27. We ___________ party tonight at 9 o’clock.


28. This is the boy _____ father works for Toyota.


29. I am feeling much _____ now.


30. The foreign minister admitted that he _______ handle the issue of immigrants well.


31. You _____ forget to lock the door before leaving the house.


32. Don’t worry. I hope Denial ____ fine soon.


33. If Laura _____ today, I’ll give your message to her.


34. The old lady was speaking so _____ that I couldn’t understand her well.


35. The patient _____ nicely in the hospital now.


36. Punjabi _______ in India, Pakistan and Canada.


37. I am looking forward to ________ Mr. Gilbert at the conference.


38. He is junior _____ I.


39. Has your wife ever_____ to Europe?


40. My daughters ______ homework when I arrived at home.


41. My parents ________ for the benefits of the minorities in the country since 1990.


42. Last time our team played ______ but this time they performed well.


43. My boss didn’t let Ms. Barbara ______ into the office.


44. Before I arrived at the bus station, the train ______.


45. If you ____ early, you wouldn’t miss the train.


46. The teacher called _____ the students of his class.


47. The match ______ to stop due to rain.


48. If I _______ the president, I would announce free education at all levels for the


49. The company will have installed one thousand new antennas _____ this time next year.


50. You _________ so many problems if you hadn’t been so irresponsible.


51. I _______ so much money on my marriage last year.


52. My aunt is regarded as a blue stocking lady in our family.


53. This is ______ same lady as I met with her at the airport.


54. Thieves broke ______ my apartment last night.


55. Neither the students nor the teacher ______ the tickets yet.


56. I was running out of petrol ____ I decided to stop at a gas station.


57. Don’t forget to blow the candle ____ when you leave.


58. My wife has saved some money for a rainy day.


59. The new sanctions ________ are imposed on our country will increase the level of
tension for the government.


60. This is my friend, _____ I used to play chess a lot.


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